AGNEEL was founded in 2016 in Berlin. We are a luxury leather handbag brand that was born from the ardent desire to fuse form and function, bringing our customers meticulous and lovingly designed pieces defined by a style that’s simple, yet timeless, and can be loved for a lifetime and beyond.
Boasting an array of exquisite materials, colours and Italian leather finishes we pair our designs with subtle gold and silver hardware accents that allows our collections to be worn by any women for all occasions. Minimal in aesthetic with a neutral palette, our designs are durable and versatile.


Constructed from a female inspired name, AGNEEL is a concept we created that pays homage to not just one, but many women and celebrates the identity of each one. With a vision in mind, we have shaped our style offering making them each synonymous with a character; carefully considering what her style might be, as well as her needs, interests, and pursuits to make our bags the perfect everyday companion for our customers. Made to be carried through the seasons, and even generations, our AGNEEL companions articulate a timeless style that can be cherished forever.
Sustainable and ethical values channel our conscious decisions at AGNEEL. We are proud to dissociate from seasonal trends and vast, throwaway fashion. The beating heart of AGNEEL reveals our devotion to sustainably create handmade, everlasting designs to deliver an ageless collection that still feels current, contemporary and can complement any outfit or occasion.
Our commitment to looking after the environment isn’t the only thing we care about. Our pieces are handcrafted in ateliers in Florence, Italy, and Turkey, that continue to support us on our journey. We prioritise employees being treated equally and honestly, receiving a fair living wage and ensuring production standards are always safe and hygienic, to protect them and their work on our treasured brand. With women at the forefront our of design and consumer base, we are proud to celebrate a workforce that is made up of 90% females.


AGNEEL’s collections are a statement on the style codes of Creative Director and Founder, Yesim Karaman. Representing timeless, handmade craft and prevailing an authentic expression of Yesim’s mission: to create luxurious handbags that will be part of your everyday stye and wardrobes forever.
From an early age, Yesim had harnessed her passion for high-quality materials and handmade craftsmanship. This was taken from her first inspiration with her father during their time spent at his atelier. As a talented tailor – an artisan championing sartorial excellence – Yesim watched her father carefully meditate for hours over stitching hems and cutting cloth. In 2016, Yesim launched AGNEEL in her native city of Berlin. From here, she revisited her father’s appetite for lovingly making beautiful things with practiced hands. Uncovering elements Yesim found to be lacking from existing bags on the market at the time, she followed her vision and created a brand with the working woman in mind. Taking her designs to an atelier in Izmir, Yesim discovered creatives who had mastered the finest hand craftsmanship with leather, and it was here that her and her team brought the collection to life. Still to this day, Yesim champions the same styles that she created six years ago, proving AGNEEL’s non-confirmative attitude to trends and seasons, as she heralds sustainable choices at the core of her business.