Our sustainable ambition is driven to make the world a better place for our generation, and those that follow, whilst being proud of the products we make along the way. Every decision we make is a symbol of our commitment to reducing our footprint, protecting our environment and supporting a slower movement in the future of fashion. We look at the world around us and recognise our duty is to look after our planet in a responsible, sustainable and attainable way. We start at the core of this ethos with a transparent supply chain. How we make our product is just as important to us as what they are made from and their impact on the environment. We source exceptional materials of the highest quality, to withstand the longevity our designs are built for. We invest in responsible manufacturing, never straying from our design principles of style and sustainability, creating desirable handbags our customers will love with a lasting legacy.
At AGNEEL, we are committed to making our customers part of our journey and sharing every stage of this along the way. We want them to share our values, making them their own, whilst knowing they have bought an honest product that they can enjoy and cherish for a lifetime.


We observe our production process to consciously implement positive change. The starting point in every production is defining the quality we want to achieve and establishing styles that will endure. Another common thread in this is a seasonless manufacturing flow, which reveals the expression of the long-lasting nature of our collection and how we endeavour to produce more thoughtfully.
We are partnering with a family-owned factory in Florence, Italy, who are creating our beloved handbags and fulfil the responsible practices we are so passionate about. We are also proud to work with family-owned tanneries in Italy, who supply our atelier with leathers that are free from any toxic chemicals when dyed or treated. Our hides are obtained from the food industry as a by-product of the meat trade. Our suppliers are members of the Leather Working Group, so all of our calfskin leather is LWG certified where the leather standards and the supply chain are regularly audited. This means that a criteria of sustainable production and practice is being continuously met. Such areas include water and energy use, air and noise emissions, traceability, health and safety and chemical management, including the restricted use of chromium which means all of our leathers are chrome-free. 
Continuously striving to improve our waste management means our meticulous design process is constantly finetuned, allowing us to limit leather waste as much as possible. The offcuts we do have are turned into keyrings and other small accessories and leather goods.