All our leather goods are made from 100% natural leathers, which is comparable to human skin in having slight scratches and little imperfections. To preserve the look and life of your AGNEEL bag, you should take care of it. 
Smooth bags are best to wipe with a microfiber cloth. Smooth leather is very sensitive and you should be careful with any sharp objects. In case of accidental scratches, try to reduce them by massaging the spot gently. Suede leather is also sensitive and needs special care. Use a special suede brush to gently rid of any dust and dirt.
Even though our bags are very durable, avoid rain, heat or extreme sunlight and protect it by storing it in its dust bag. We also recommend not to overload your bag to ensure that it will keep its shape. Our chains and hardware are coated with a special protection against corrosion and should not fade or lose colour.