We are delighted to announce the launch of our limited design collaboration with the Hamburg based influencer and editor Hanna Schumi. It is based on our popular style AGNES Mini and Hanna’s favourite shade: lilac.

AGNES Mini is a true AGNEEL icon – a beautifully simple, everyday companion that seamlessly embodies both style and practicality. The detachable top handle and adjustable crossbody strap offer contemporary styling versatility, making it an everlasting style that can be worn for many occasions. 

The new colourway lilac, which we’ve designed together with Hanna, gives AGNES Mini a feminine update and is an exciting addition to AGNEEL’s neutral and earthy tones that regularly underscore the brand’s signature palette. The exquisite, soft calfskin underlines the delicate look of the bag.

AGNES Mini in lilac will be available exclusively at and the sale is time limited to three weeks. The total production number of this style will be determined by the amount of pre-orders placed from 1 to 21 August 2022.



Dear Hanna, would you like to introduce yourself to everyone who doesn't know you yet?
I'd love to! I'm Hanna Schumi – art director, blogger since 1999 and in the beauty game since 2012. I'm a podcaster ("Gepflegte Gespräche"), skinfluencer and advocate new looks in the beauty+ sector. Meaning I question old habits regarding "beauty". I also love the beautiful things in life and regularly share with my community everything that inspires me personally – be it fashion, music, hotels, restaurants or even accessories. And I love handbags!

You have been a loyal supporter of our brand for several years now. Why are you particularly looking forward to the collaboration Hanna Schumi x AGNEEL?
AGNEEL bags are special because they are practical, yet so wonderfully timeless and elegant. I wear them every day, whether I'm going to an event or to the gym. I appreciate Yesim's eye for materials and style, and celebrate every new model that is launched. I really like them all, but AGNES Mini is my fav!

What do you like about AGNES Mini? Can you also tell us what inspired you to choose the colour lilac?
AGNES Mini is the PERFECT bag for any occasion – whether it's a meeting or a date, wearing it as an everyday companion or like a piece of jewellery for a special occasion. I just love it! Perfect shape, perfect size. I already had it in orange and knew I would like to own it in another colourway. Lilac is my favourite colour and I have wanted a bag in this shade for so long, because I think lilac always fits. Whether in summer combined with a breezy dress, in autumn with a trench coat or in winter with a camel coat; the shade is like an everyday candy for me, which goes great with colourful looks or when worn as an ideal complement to a monochrome outfit. This bag matches my wardrobe perfectly.